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Contributors Vol V.I 2020

Updated: Dec 14, 2020


Esme Dunne

Esme Dunne is a first year English student. She works for the organisation Empower Her* Voice which aims to promote education and create discussion among women all over the world. She hopes to create an EH*V branch within Trinity in the coming year.

Gary Gannon TD

Gary Gannon TD is the Social Democrat representative for Dublin Central, and a spokesperson on education, social protection, media, tourism, arts and culture, and the Gaeltacht. Born in Dublin's North Inner City, Gary is a fundamental believer in educational equality and continues to be a committed campaigner for educational access, regardless of a person's socio-economic background.

Professor Kathleen Lynch

Professor Kathleen Lynch is an Irish sociologist at UCD who has produced field-defining scholarship during her career, particularly seen in her role establishing the UCD Equality Studies Centre and the UCD School of Social Justice. She was also an academic advisor to Dr Ebun Joseph in establishing UCD's Black Studies module, the first of its kind in Ireland. Keep an eye out for her book Care and Capitalism in 2021.

Jack Morgan Jones

Jack Morgan Jones is an MA student at Trinity. The Stave House Project combines language learning with music education, through which the international and local Sandblast team make a meaningful and lasting impact. Sandblast, the charity mentioned in his article, can be found at

Abigail Ni Mhaolchatha Ní Chonaill

Kate Nolan

Kate Nolan is a final year Law and Business student. She has volunteered with the SUAS Ar Scoil programme for the past two years, and helping to address some of the numerous access to education issues within the Irish education system is a cause close to her heart.

Jennifer Waters

Jennifer Waters is in her third year of TSM History and Philosophy and her twentieth year of being a bi-racial American. She is a Laidlaw Scholar researching ‘Future Dangerousness’ in the United States, and its legal facilitation of racist bias. She and Claire Stalhuth were the co-creators and managers of the Campaign Calling on TCD to establish Ireland’s second only Black Studies Module. Her experience with iterations of racism in Ireland and America has helped her view its occurrences with as much nuance as she can grace to something so fundamentally inconsistent.


Roisin Hickey (@snakeroot_art)

Imogen Luczyc-Wyhowska (@imogen_skye_art)

Maria Salgado

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