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SUAS Trinity's first online magazine

SUAS Magazine is here to provide you with a wide range of quality news articles and stories covering a variety of interesting topics. We pride ourselves on combining first-rate reporting with our special editorial touch and commitment to fair coverage. We like to think of ourselves as the signal standing out from the noise of the rest of the media landscape.

Editor Flora Moreau

Flora Moreau is a third year English student and the editor of Suas Trinity Magazine. She joined Suas during the first lockdown after the pandemic made us aware, in a brutally uncompromising fashion, of the social inequality and injustices we can choose to not pay attention to because we can afford to not engage with this reality. She can be contacted through the Contact Us tab, at, or on Instagram @baronessvonfancy.

Subeditor Claire Stalhuth

Claire Stalhuth is a third-year English and History Student. Her main interest is the intersection between politics and the arts, with a concentration on education. Alongside being the current Arts and Culture Editor for Trinity News, she co-created and managed the successful Campaign Calling on Trinity to Introduce a Black Studies Module with Jennifer Waters.

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